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  • (Video) Nate Maslak, CEO Ribbon Health

  • (Video) How to Find Doctors Who Accept Medicare

  • (Video) #124 Using AI to Improve Data Quality in Healthcare (with Nate Fox and Sunna Jo)

  • (Video) Webinar: Best Practices for Improving Telehealth Utilization & Engagement

  • (Video) Cigna Medical Plan Overview 2022 Open Enrollment webinar

  • Videos

    1. Keynote Address - Care Reimagined
    (Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center)
    2. Patient Priorities Care Training 2: Care Alignment
    (Patient Priorities Care)
    3. Partner with your health care team
    4. The New MyChart Experience (For Mobile Devices)
    5. WEBINAR: The Future of Healthcare is Beyond the Digital Front Door: It’s Time to Rethink Consumerism
    (Damo Consulting Inc.)
    6. Preventing medical PTSD: waking up under anesthesia
    (Medical Secrets)
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