Charis Team - St. Francis of Assisi Raleigh (2023)

Charis Team - St. Francis of Assisi Raleigh (1)

Franciscan and Ignatian spirituality for adults in their 20s and 30s

Charis Team - St. Francis of Assisi Raleigh (2)

Nancy Martinez

Hi, My name is Nancy and I will be one of the speakers for this retreat. I’m from Mexico, and I moved to North Carolina 2 years and 7 months ago, though it still seems like yesterday. It’s been great to find a Catholic young adult community that shares the same values and beliefs. While I like to play board games, go to concerts, and travel, my ideal afternoon is sharing dinner with family and friends, laughing around the table. I treasure the experiences that take your breath away. I would love the opportunity to talk with you, I’m praying that you join us to this retreat and feel deeply the gifts of living in God and learn to differentiate between the “good choice” and the “God choice.”

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Monica Martinez

Hi, I’m Monica! I’m looking forward to being a peer reflector at this retreat, and speaking about how recognizing God’s voice suddenly led me south of the Mason Dixon line. I moved to Raleigh almost a year ago from the buckeye state of O-H-I-O, and since that time Ohio sports teams have struggled. Although Ohio is missing their lucky charm, I am loving the mild winters, great outdoors, amazing local food and drinks, and, of course, the warm and friendly people of North Carolina. I’m praying that this retreat will help everyone (Including me!) discover and rediscover how to recognize God’s voice in our big and not so big decisions, in our everyday lives.

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Scott Garner

Greetings. I’m Scott and I’ll be one of your peer reflectors during this retreat.I grew up in Golden, Colorado and attended undergrad at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I’ve called North Carolina home since June 2015 after finishing my law degree at the Loyola University College of Law in New Orleans. My favorite way to spend a weekend is to explore the vast number of parks and trails offered in North Carolina or discover a new brewery with friends. I pray that the tools of Ignatian Spirituality help you to find a path to interior peace in our too often busy and chaotic lives.

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Tim Hetzel

Coordinator of Family Life, St. Francis of Assisi

Hi, I’m Tim, the Coordinator of Adult Formation at St. Francis of Assisi. I’ll be giving a talk during this retreat. I grew up in the Triangle area and have been doing church ministry as a professional lay minister for 8 years. I love to spend time with my wife and four kids: going to outdoor music festivals, comic book conventions, and hanging out at the State Fair grounds. I look forward to meeting everyone and sharing a little about how the Spirit has worked in my life. I’m praying that all the participants have time to stop and listen to the small, still voice of the Lord in their lives.

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Kaylor Garcia

Hi, I’m Kaylor and I’m supporting communications for the “Moved by the Spirit” retreat. I mostly grew up in Raleigh, and while I went away for a time, I’ve been living in Durham for the last three years. It’s been great to return as a young adult and see how the community has grown. In particular, I love going to Fullsteam Brewery and seeing all the live music and events. I’m looking forward to getting to know each of you on the retreat and am praying that God speaks to all of us in new ways that strengthen our faith to be more joyful and compassionate in a world that needs it.

Charis Team - St. Francis of Assisi Raleigh (7)

Janelle Ciafardoni

Hello! I’m Janelle, and I am part of the leadership team for the “Moved by the Spirit” retreat. I grew up in Lynchburg VA and spent a lot of time moving around Virginia and Maryland.Three years ago, Nick and I bought a house in Cary, and it is nice to set down some roots! We love exploring the downtown Cary area with all the outdoor restaurants and breweries. Our doberman puppy, Jace, loves to join us. I am looking forward to seeing old and new faces on the retreat. My prayers for you is that you will learn valuable tools to hear God’s direction in your life and that you are able to respond with a resounding Yes to His call.

Charis Team - St. Francis of Assisi Raleigh (8)

Patrick Curran

Hello! I’m Patrick, and I am part of the leadership team for the “Moved by the Spirit” retreat. I grew up in Cleveland, OH and then moved to Chicago to attend Loyola University, where I first discovered Charis Young Adult Retreats.In 2010, my wife Heather and I moved to the Triangle and have called St. Francis home ever since.We love hiking with our dog and taking friends out to all the great restaurants in the area. On the rare unplanned weekend, you might find us catching an outdoor movie at the Art Museum or chatting with friends around the firepit. I love helping our community listen for God’s voice by creating stillness in the midst of busyness. My prayer for this retreat is that St. Ignatius’ tools which have helped me follow God in my decisions will be useful for you on this weekend and in the rest of your life.

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Siobhan Rierick

Hi, I’m Siobhan and I’msupporting the planning for the retreat, although somewhat on the periphery due to the birth of our second child! I grew up near London, England and have been fortunate enough to have lived in five different countries before moving to Durham in 2015 following my marriage to Dan, who comes from Cary. Our toddler, Isabel, keeps us occupied most of the time, but any spare moment I enjoy music, sports, andgetting to know our community better here in the Triangle. My prayer for you all is that you will find the practical and inspiring tools of Ignatian spirituality as useful in your lives as I have found them!

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Gladys Whitehouse

My name is Gladys, and my role on this retreat is to explain some of Ignatian Spirituality. I will also be one of the spiritual directors who will be available during the retreat for anyone wishing to meet for spiritual guidance. I’ve lived in Raleigh for 17 years but am originally from New York City. However my husband’s career led us to travel and move quite frequently. Since I’m retired now, my weekends are quite similar to week days. One of my favorite pass times is taking walks along hiking trails with my husband and our dog Max. Of course, I also love spending time with our grandchildren. My prayer for all who will be attending this retreat is that each of us will know ourselves as a beloved child of God and desire to share that love with all those we meet on our life’s journey.

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Barb Curran

I’m Barb Curran and I am serving as a spiritual director for the “Moved by the Spirit Retreat.” Unlike most of the team, I do not live in the Raleigh area – I live near Cleveland, Ohio and was asked to help with this retreat by my son, Patrick. My husband and I are recently retired, and we enjoy traveling, especially to visit our four grown children. We particularly like to visit our two sons in North Carolina in the winter when it is cold and snowy in Cleveland. I am praying that each of you will be open to the movements of the Spirit in your life so that you can live in the joy that God has planned for you.

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