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Dr. Amr Fergany, MD - Urologist - Trusted Reviews (2)

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Dr. Amr Fergany, MD - Urologist - Trusted Reviews (3)

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April 18, 2021


Verified Reviewer

1 Review

Vero Beach, FL

Best Urologist

Dr. Fergany took extra special care of my aunt and uncle. They both required surgery. He visited them everyday, three times a day. He is a very special and kind person. Both my aunt and uncle stayed several days in the hospital after their procedures and had great outcomes. He is highly recommended by our family.





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Wait Time: 15 to 30 minutes


June 22, 2020

Kathy Lewis

Verified Reviewer

2 Reviews

Dr. Fergany is an excellent doctor!

Dr. Fergany is a very caring man. He is very meticulous and outstanding in his field. So outstanding, that we are looking to continue his services even though he branched out to a different state. Our trust in the man and the doctor is beyond words. Ohio lost an awesome urologist!

April 16, 2020

Cleveland Bev.

1 Review

Cleveland, OH

My husband has done very well under Dr. Fergany's superior care. Dr. Fergany is a man, not a female urologist, as this aforementioned introduction states. I knew my husband would look up to Dr. Fergany. He is the man's man type.





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Wait Time: Under 15 minutes


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Affiliated Practices

1.Sebastian Cardiolgy PA

8005 Bay Street
Suite 4
Sebastian, FL 32958

(772) 589-9998

5.0(4 Doctor Ratings)

Affiliated Hospitals

1.North Hawaii Community Hospital

67-1125 Mamalahoa Highway
Waimea, HI 96743

(808) 885-4444

4.7(3 Ratings)

4.4(423 Doctor Ratings)

2.Cleveland Clinic - Main Campus

9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44195

(216) 444-2200

4.5(81 Ratings)

4.3(703 Doctor Ratings)

3.Akron General Medical Center

1 Akron General Avenue
Akron, OH 44307

(330) 344-6015

4.2(22 Ratings)

4.3(444 Doctor Ratings)

Our records indicate that Dr. Fergany accepts the following insurance providers.Please verify this information directly with Dr. Fergany, since it may changefrequently and vary by office location. He may also acceptadditional insurance plans not listed here.

  • Oscar

According to our data, Dr. Fergany performs the following procedures.


A urologist is a medical provider focused on disorders and diseases of the urinary system. Additionally, they diagnose and treat conditions of the male reproductive system. Some urologists concentrate on the treatment of general urinary tract disorders such as kidney stones, kidney diseases, UTIs, overactive bladder, and more common disorders, though many choose to specialize in a certain branch of urology.

Where is Dr. Amr Fergany's office located?

Dr. Amr Fergany's office is located at 8005 Bay Street, Suite 4, Sebastian, FL 32958. View a map and get directions on CareDash.

Does Dr. Amr Fergany offer telehealth services?

Yes, Dr. Amr Fergany offers online care and is licensed to provide telehealth in Florida. Learn more.

Can I make an appointment with Dr. Amr Fergany online?

Yes, you can make an appointment online with Dr. Amr Fergany on CareDash.

How do patients rate Dr. Amr Fergany?

Dr. Amr Fergany is rated 5.0/5.0 by 3 patients. Learn more.

Does Dr. Amr Fergany accept insurance?

Yes, Dr. Amr Fergany accepts Oscar. Please check Dr. Fergany's profile to see all the insurance providers he accepts.

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Call: (772) 918-4327

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Using this data, we can detect when doctors perform certain procedures more frequently than similar providers. These procedures go into this section in order to help consumers make more informed choices. While this data can provide a wealth of knowledge, it comes with certain limitations.

The data is limited to Medicare beneficiaries, meaning that physicians that do not accept Medicare (<10% of all physicians) will be excluded. It may also be skewed towards procedures more common among Medicare beneficiaries than the general population.

A lack of detection does not necessarily mean a lack of expertise, just that it was not visible within this dataset. Always check with your doctor before making any decisions.

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Amr Fergany is licensed to provide online care to patients in Florida via phone or video chat.

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Dr. Amr Fergany, MD - Urologist - Trusted Reviews (8)

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