Multani Mitti Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, Cost & Where to Buy (Fullers Earth Clay) (2023)

With an amazing array of benefits and uses for skin and hair, multani mitti is beyond doubt a natural award from mother earth. Let us find out what multani mitti is, its benefits, uses and possible side effects, its cost and where to find or buy this clay.

What is Multan Mitti?

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What exactly is multani mitti and what is it made of? What is multani mitti called in English?

Multan mitti is a highly absorbent clay substance formed by decomposition of volcanic ash. The name multan is believed to have originated from a region in Pakistan (South Asia) named “Multan”. In this region the name mitti means clay or mud. Therefore the name multani mitti or clay from Multan.

What is multani mitti called in English?

Multan mitti English name is Fuller’s Earth Clay. The name is derived from the ancient use of this clay as material for cleansing or ‘fulling’ wool by English textile workers named “fullers”. Some folks also call this clay the ‘bleaching clay.’ It is mostly in India where this clay is referred to as multani mitti but in the western countries it is called Fuller’s earth.

What is multani mitti made of?

What are the elements that make up this clay? Multan mitti is made of aluminium magnesium silicate clay minerals and other elements

Multani Mitti Benefits and Uses for Skin

What is multan mitti used for? What are the benefits of multani mitti? Is this clay effective for dry and oily skin , hair or any other health problems? Read on to find out.

Uses and Benefits of Multani Mitti for Dry, oily Skin

Fullers earth has quite a number of benefits and uses for various skin types. The most popular use for skin is as a face pack or mask. Face packs are available for dry, oily, acne-prone and normal skin types. Other than face masks, it is also used as a body wash or a paste for the whole body. Briefly highlighted below are some of the benefits and uses of multani mitti for skin.

  • As an inexpensive body wash, this clay leaves your skin soft and supple.

  • As a face pack or facial mask it can be used to treat and reduce acne and existing pimples. Fuller’s earth absorbs excess oil from the sebaceous glands, locks in dirt to stop start of pimples, blemishes, spots or blackheads. The cooling effect of Multan mitti also aids trimming down inflammation and redness of the skin.
  • Multani mitti diminishes sun tan and pigmentation caused by excessive exposure to the sun.
  • Fullers earth invigorates your skin while ensuring it remains youthful. This is all achieved by the clay’s ability to regulate the natural PH level of the skin.
  • As an ingredient in skincare products, Multani mitti acts as an aid in skin toning.
  • As a mud paste, it soothes skin and can improve blood circulation within your whole body
  • Rose water and multani mitti works well for oily skin
  • As a facial scrub, it removes white heads and black heads.
  • Removes dead cells and impurities from skin
  • Eases tension lines on face and neck.
  • Nourishes skin and improves its complexion.
  • Multani mitti face packs are good for diminishing pore sizes

Uses and Benefits of Multani Mitti for Hair

Multani mitti also has considerable uses and benefits for hair. It has been used to prevent hair loss and treat dandruff amongst other benefits. Following are some common uses and benefits of fullers earth for hair.

  • As an alternative hair shampoo- it acts as a gentle cleansing or purifying agent
  • It acts as a deep hair conditioner that adds gloss and shine to your locks.
  • Fuller’s earth has cleansing properties and removes toxin and oil from the scalp
  • When mixed with honey, yogurt and lemon juice, it can be used to treat dandruff
  • The clay makes your hair dirt free without washing away the natural moisturizers
  • Multani mitti hair pack is a good home remedy for split ends..
  • Fullers earth makes the hair strong, silky and with shine
  • Possibly used to treat or prevent hair loss. Some sources claim that this clay can be used to treat hair loss caused by stress, environmental conditions and hormonal problems. How does multi help to prevent hair loss? It helps to strengthen the root of the hair and secure the hair follicles in the scalp

Other Uses and Benefits of Multani Mitti

The uses and benefits of multani mitti are not limited to skin and hair. It can also be used to treat other conditions as you will learn shortly.

  • Hot and cold compresses-Multani mitti can be used as a cold or hot compress as a treatment for insect bites, burns and muscle cramps or even menstrual pain.
  • Multani mitti as a stain remover-The most popular use of this clay since ancient times is as an absorbent oil and grease.
  • At home, fullers earth can be used as a cleaning agent. It is an ingredient some laundry detergent. Multan mitti can help to clear hard-to-remove stains such as blood, wax oil and grease on your garments.
  • Water can be added to multani mitti clay to create a full-body paste that can be used calm the effects of very high temperature and sunburn.

Multani Mitti for Men

Can men use multan mitti? How effective is fullers earth on men’s hair and skin? What are the benefits? Multan mitti is definitely suitable for men. The uses, benefits and effects are just the same as described above.Learn more about Multan mitti face pack for men.

How to Use Multani Mitti

How can I use multani mitti for skin and hair? Can it be used daily? What are the instructions on how to use fullers earth for face, pimples, fairness, dry skin and dry hair?

Using multani mitti is fairly an easy task. It can be as simple as just mixing the clay with water until it forms paste then applying on face or other parts of the body then rinsing it with warm water after 10-15 minutes. Due to its high absorbing power, it is not recommended that you use it on a daily basis.

Most user reviews recommend applying it once or utmost twice in a week depending on what you are using it for. If you have bought this product, the basic instructions are usually indicated on the packaging. However, if you want to be creative and make your own face packs and hair packs or any other pack the following resources can greatly be useful.

  • How to use multani mitti for dry and flaky skin

Multani Mitti Side Effects

What are the possible side effects, disadvantages or cons of using multani mitti or fullers earth? Is it safe on dry or sensitive skin or hair? Is fuller’s earth safe to eat?

Not good for dry or overly sensitive skin. It may dehydrate your skin due to its high absorbing power. However, you can add almond and milk to reduce any harsh effect on dry skin. Alternatively, you might want to try kaolin clay which is known to be mild.

Due to its high cooling property, fullers earth may cause respiratory problems. This is especially when applied on the chest area as a paste to soothe the effects of high temperatures and sunburns

Eating Multan Mitti

Can we eat multani mitti? Does eating fuller’s earth have any health benefit? Is eating multan mitti during pregnancy safe?

Generally this clay is not safe for consumption. Ingesting this clay may result to clogged or blocked intestines. Eating fuller’s earth can also cause kidney stones. Do you possess an unusual appetite for non-food items or substances that are of no nutritional value? You are probably suffering from a medical disorder known as pica.

It is normal for healthy pregnant women to crave for non-food items such as brick, multani mitti clay, chalk, paper etc. However if the craving for fullers earth is strong or abnormal, it is recommended that you consult your medical practitioner for any underlying problem.

Multani Mitti Cost & where to Buy

The price of Multani mitti powder or face pack is affordable and can be found online or in your nearest local stores. The price for the face pack is about $10 per kg. is where you can buy it at this price.

The powder form of fullers earth can be found at Amazon at price of about $9 per 100g(3.5 0z). Other online stores where you can buy this clay include and Not everyone has to buy multani mitti online, check your nearest local store; you might be surprised to learn that most stores have it in stock.

Multani Mitti Skin and Hair Reviews

Following are customer reviews on the uses and benefits of multani mitti especially for hair and skin.

“I love this stuff. I mix it with rose water and use it as a scrub/mask. My face glows after I rinse” [Amazon]

“I have been using this product for last three months and I noticed a good change in my hair color. It has turned about 30% darker… More importantly, my hair is getting thicker and shiny. This has been so useful and inexpensive to me”. ” [Amazon]

“I did not see improvement in my complexion…even when mixed it with essential oils, honey or rose water. Mixing this product is not easy.” [Amazon]

There is a lot of rave for banjaras multani mitti review. It is a herbal face pack made of multani mitti , turmeric and sandal extract. It is goes by the name Banjara’s Multani with Saffron face pack. According to it is recommended as an after pack for facials at home. It yields good results. It can also be mixed with some scrub.

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