Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (2023)

Are you in need of acardiologist? If so, you're in luck! Melbourne is home to some of the best cardiologists in the world.

In this blog post, we'll provide you with a list of the top cardiologists inMelbourne. We hope this information helps you make an informed decision regarding your health.

Ultimate List of Cardiologists in Melbourne

Melbourne Cardiology Group

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (1)

03 9964 4843

Melbourne Cardiology Group is committed to “care with a personal touch”- with you at the centre of everything.

At Melbourne Cardiology Group, our goal is to offer our patients the best possible long-term cardiovascular care that is supported by the latest scientific research. Associate Professor Gautam Vaddadi, a highly skilled cardiologist with senior positions in both public and private hospitals, is in charge of the group.

Utilizing cutting-edge diagnostic tools like exercise stress echocardiography and echocardiography, we can offer a wide range of cardiac tests. We collaborate with partners in both public and private hospitals to make the most cutting-edge treatments for a variety of cardiac problems accessible.

One Heart Cardiology Melbourne

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (2)

(03) 9374 4882


One Heart Cardiology is dedicated to providing patients with cardiac diseases with individualized, top-notch medical care. The diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular problems benefit from the years of clinical experience, research, and innovation that our cardiovascular team has to offer. For patients with common and difficult cardiac diseases, we provide prompt, thorough consultation as well as in-office diagnostic testing and therapy. We also treat patients with acute and chronic cardiovascular conditions.

Our cardiologist specializes in treating the cardiovascular system and heart. Our team is skilled in both straightforward and intricate interventional treatments, as well as all elements of general cardiology and severe cardiac disorders. Our cardiologists are specialists in the treatment of structural heart disease, congenital heart disease, heart failure, and cardiac rhythm problems. To learn more about a patient's heart and circulatory state, our team uses diagnostic testing, such as stress tests and cardiac catheterization. Following this evaluation, our doctors consult closely with patients to choose the best course of action and provide follow-up care to guarantee a patient maintains the highest level of health.

Heart Clinic Melbourne

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (3)

(03) 9509 5000

We are a passionate group of clinicians and employees at Heart Clinic Melbourne who are committed to offering the best possible cardiology care. We take great satisfaction in being approachable, competent, and outstanding at what we do. We are certain that you will have a pleasant experience with our care as a patient, family member, or referring doctor and that you will trust us with the care of both you and your patients.

Meet Our Team

A general and interventional cardiologist with a focus on interventional cardiac procedures, Dr. Mark Freilich. After receiving training in this procedure in the US, he was one of the pioneers of the radial (wrist) method to coronary angiography in Melbourne.

Mark graduated with honors from Monash University with a medical degree in 1999. At Melbourne's Alfred Hospital, he subsequently completed his residency and cardiology fellowship. In order to start a two-year fellowship in interventional cardiology at Lahey Clinic Medical Center, Mark moved to Boston, Massachusetts, in 2007. He returned to Australia in 2009 and began practicing cardiology there.

Melbourne Cardiovascular & Diabetes Centre

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (4)

(03) 9802 9259

In the South Eastern Region of Melbourne, the Melbourne Cardiovascular and Diabetes Centre is a team of specialists made up of cardiologists and endocrinologists that offers a full range of cardiac, diabetes, and obesity-related services. This covers all types of cardiac investigations as well as consultation services. In order to improve our patients' cardiovascular health, we are committed to treating them with kindness, respect, and knowledge.

Our doctors are local experts who work at Monash Medical Centre and can admit patients into several private hospitals, including Jessie McPherson Hospital, Epworth and Valley Hospital. Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese, Mandarin, and other languages are just a few of the languages that our doctors can provide services in.

Victorian Cardiovascular Services

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (5)

03 9590 0354

A group of cardiologists based at Epworth Hospital founded Victorian Cardiovascular Services in 2000 to manage and treat patients with cardiac illness. Seven cardiologists, including four interventional cardiologists, a cardiac electrophysiologist, and a cardiovascular surgeon are employed with Victorian Cardiovascular Services.

Our goal is to give patients high-quality cardiovascular care, including a 24-hour treatment for sudden cardiac arrest. Glen Waverley, Richmond, Melbourne City, North Melbourne, and Seymour are among the locations where cardiac consultations, surgeries, and testing are offered.

Private individuals can have surgery and interventional procedures at Epworth Hospital, Richmond's top-notch cardiac facilities.

Peter Barlis - Cardiologist Melbourne

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (6)

(03) 9928 6370

Peter Barlis, Consultant & Interventional Cardiologist

Peter treats patients with a variety of heart-related ailments. Peter is a pioneer in interventional cardiology, a subspecialty of cardiology that focuses on the use of stents and other devices to relieve artery blockages. He presented a novel imaging method to Australia in 2009. having completed fellowships at the esteemed National Heart & Lung Institute, Royal Brompton Hospital in London, and the Thoraxcenter in the Netherlands. The best way to evaluate stents in the arteries is with this technique, known as optical coherence tomography (OCT), which employs laser light to scan inside the heart's arteries and identify diseased areas, cholesterol plaques, and other obstructions. Peter oversees both domestic and international clinical trials and continues to secure sizable funding to lead the University of Melbourne's cardiovascular innovations research group.

The Heart Specialists - John Fawkner Cardiology

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (7)

03 9915 4800

The Heart Specialists have a long history of offering patients in the Northern Region the finest caliber of patient-centered cardiac treatment. Leading cardiac professionals are employed by the business to offer comprehensive patient treatment. All of your patients will receive care thanks to strong ties to the John Fawkner, Royal Melbourne, and Melbourne Private Hospital. We take pleasure in giving our patients prompt care. Any new patient will be seen the same day, if necessary, or a week after being referred. Stress For retirees and holders of health care cards, echocardiograms and echocardiograms are bulk billed.

Cardiology - The best care

We take great pleasure in the quality of treatment that our doctors provide to each and every patient at John Fawkner Cardiology. A crucial component in controlling and monitoring heart health is ongoing care and management. Has it been some time since your last appointment?

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

The Heart Specialists is distinctive in that many of its physicians serve as department heads for their specialized fields or hold academic positions in secondary and tertiary public hospitals. It is evidence of the superior caliber and depth of knowledge possessed by The Heart specialists.

Justin Mariani - Cardiologist Melbourne

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (8)

03 9288 2210

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A/Prof Justin Mariani received his specialized cardiologist training at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. He then completed his PhD at the Baker Institute and Monash University. Following that was the Interventional Heart Failure Fellowship at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada. He became a cardiac specialist in 2006.

He is an expert in all areas of cardiology but has a particular focus on and training in heart failure and cardiomyopathies, surgical device implantation and maintenance (and is recognized nationally as a leader in cardiac resynchronization therapy), haemodynamics (pressure), and cardiac catheterization.

What is Interventional Heart Failure?

Cardiology's interventional heart failure specialization. In this area, cardiologists have received further training, gained knowledge in advanced heart failure, and have procedural (or interventional) skills that can help manage heart failure issues. This covers specialized cardiac catheterization techniques, pacemaker and electrical techniques, and numerous other treatments.

Southern Cross Cardiovascular Services

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (9)

1300 432 780

Southern Cross Cardio in Bundoora is dedicated to offering the local population quality cardiac services by utilizing highly qualified medical specialists, paramedical, and Allied Health personnel. Our cardiologist has a wealth of expertise and prioritizes patient care and outcomes. He works with a support team that fosters a warm and welcoming environment for everyone.

SCCVS Bundoora prioritizes patients' unique needs while concentrating on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular illnesses. Cardiology consultations, cardiac risk assessments, and echo/stress echocardiography are just a few of the services our cardiology clinic provides. Part of our services includes the use of 24-hour Holter monitors and 24-hour blood pressure monitors that assist in the diagnosis of and cardiac/medical issues. Most of our procedures at Southern Cross Cardio are bulk-billed and can be claimed from Medicare, Bupa, DVA and other health funds.

Heart of Melbourne

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (10)

1300 122 883

One of Melbourne's largest cardiology organizations, Heart of Melbourne, has offices around the greater Melbourne area. The HoM team is made up of highly skilled cardiologists, technologists, and nurses who are dedicated to providing patients with heart issues with individualized, top-notch healthcare. To the assessment and treatment of cardiovascular problems, we contribute years of clinical experience, research, and innovation.

HoM Team

HoM cardiologists are experts in treating conditions involving the heart and related cardiovascular systems. The HoM team uses state-of-the-art technology to perform diagnostic testing, such as echocardiograms, stress tests, electrophysiology, and cardiac catheterization, to learn more about a patient's heart. The team has extensive local and international experience as well as subspecialty knowledge in interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, congenital heart disease, and echocardiography.

In order to ensure that a patient maintains optimal health for as long as feasible, the HoM doctors carefully collaborate with patients to plan the optimum management and design meticulous follow-up treatment.

St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne - Cardiologists

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (11)

03 9231 2211

St. Vincent's Healthcare One of the top clinical cardiac services in Australia is provided by the cardiology department in Melbourne. Our consultants are at the cutting edge of cardiac technology and use accepted global best practices to provide complete cardiac treatments.

On the St. Vincent's Fitzroy campus, we offer our services to both outpatients and inpatients through the St. Vincent's Heart Centre, the Cardiac Investigation Unit, and the recently founded National Centre for Sports Cardiology. We treat patients with heart illness, including those with ischemic heart disease, heart failure, and valvular heart disease, who are both elective and emergency patients.

Melbourne Heart Clinic for Kids

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (12)

(03) 9345 6414

Paediatric Cardiology Melbourne

Melbourne Heart Clinic for Kids is a private practice with a location at 48 Flemington Road, next to The Royal Children's Hospital, with a commitment to fast, high-quality, individualized paediatric cardiology care for infants, kids, and teenagers.

We offer consultations together with the necessary same-day tests, such as an ECG, an echocardiogram, and ambulatory monitoring.

Our goal is to deliver exceptional service without waiting times and with investigations completed and interpreted on the day of the consultation. Our team is made up of highly qualified, compassionate, professional Paediatric Cardiologists and committed technologists.

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Alfred Health - Cardiologists Melbourne

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (13)

(03) 9076 2009


Adult patients with cardiovascular (heart) problems, including the most severe cases of coronary, valve, heart muscle, and heart rhythm issues, are evaluated and treated. We provide care for people from our neighborhood and all across Australia through a variety of outpatient clinics, investigation suites, and sizable inpatient facilities. Our intensive research and educational initiatives have earned us recognition on a global scale.

Our beliefs

We are here for the patients; they are the center of our attention. Both what we do and how we do it matter. Knowledge, talents, and wisdom go hand in hand with respect, encouragement, and compassion.

The fundamentals are patient and employee safety and care. We strive for excellence each and every day. We create new norms for the future through research and education. We collaborate. In a team that produces amazing outcomes, we all have important roles to perform. We impart knowledge and exhibit actions that motivate others to imitate us.

Melbourne Heart Care

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (14)

03 9592 2174

Melbourne Heart Care offers thorough knowledge in all cardiac subspecialties, backed by a welcoming administrative support staff.

Modern, all-inclusive amenities are available at Melbourne Heart Care's main offices in Brighton. At our other locations in Moorabbin, Bentleigh East, Mulgrave, Clayton, Rowville, Warragul, Alexandra, Wonthaggi, and Morwell, we also offer a variety of consultation and testing services.

Melbourne Heart Care was founded in 1996 by Dr. Jeff Alison and Prof. Ian Meredith. Since then, the practice has grown to include 23 cardiologists, ensuring that regardless of your heart symptom or condition, we have the right doctor to care for you. Our skilled administration, nursing, and technology staff work alongside our doctors to ensure that our patients receive high-quality care.

Connected Cardiology Melbourne

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (15)

1300 856 163

You can anticipate a thorough evaluation of your heart disease at Connected Cardiology, provided with a sympathetic and kind demeanor and a focus on assisting you in understanding your heart condition. Patients in regional Victoria as well as urban Melbourne can get the cardiac care we offer. Our office welcomes LGBTQI patients and families.

Medical Specialists on Rathdowne offers both in-person and telehealth consultations. When making an appointment, kindly let the scheduling agent know your preference.


At Connected Cardiology, we think that any medical consultation needs to start with courteous and open dialogue. You can anticipate a thorough examination, a thorough discussion of your symptoms, and an explanation of any additional tests or treatment possibilities. You may be sure there will be plenty of time for questions, and they will always be answered respectfully and sympathetically. We will put forth a lot of effort to maintain and enhance your cardiovascular health in collaboration with you.

Melbourne Heart Rhythm

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (16)

(03) 9342 7138

The Department of Cardiology at the Royal Melbourne Hospital has an arrhythmia service called Melbourne Heart Rhythm. We are a group of committed and well qualified healthcare specialists with a focus on cardiac rhythm management. Patient education and care that is centered on the patient are important to us. Our arrhythmia specialists have a reputation for expertise in clinical arrhythmia management and arrhythmia research around the world.


Dr. Gareth Wynn completed a Doctor of Medicine (Research) degree at Imperial College London, one of the top ten universities in the world, with a thesis titled "Improving ablation outcomes in atrial fibrillation: improving procedural efficacy, safety, and patient selection." He studied both medicine and anatomical sciences at the University of Manchester in the UK.

After completing his medical training in Wellington, New Zealand, and Manchester, UK, he finished his cardiology and electrophysiology training at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital (LHCH), which at the time was the country's largest single-site cardiovascular center. There, he assisted Professor Dhiraj Gupta in turning LHCH into a significant hub for arrhythmia research.

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GenesisCare Cardiologists Melbourne

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (17)

To ensure that every patient we serve has the finest medical results, GenesisCare combines the best personnel, technology, and treatment methods currently available. We offer a full range of cardiology services, including consultations, invasive procedures, and heart tests. With access to several sites for services, quick turnaround on reports, and priority care for urgent patients, we will react to your demands quickly.

In order to consistently deliver a kind and competent service that exceeds your expectations, we are dedicated to knowing the needs of our patients. Additionally, all of our clinics make use of contemporary cardiovascular tools, methods, and technologies to maximize diagnostic accuracy.

Our purpose

Designing care experiences with the best life outcomes is our goal. to provide you with high-quality care that is suited to your unique needs, available when and where you need it. Care that enables you to move forward in life and take care of the things that are significant to you. We achieve this by approaching care in a unique way.

Victoria Heart Cardiologists

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (18)

(03) 9510 9029

With sites close to The Avenue Hospital in Windsor and Epworth Freemasons in East Melbourne, Victoria Heart is a standalone cardiology practice. A variety of cardiovascular symptoms and disorders are treated clinically by Victoria Heart, which also offers testing and consultancy services.

George Proimos – Interventional Cardiologist

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (19)

03 9429 6095

The area of medicine known as cardiology deals with problems with the heart and blood arteries. Cardiologists are doctors who specialize in this area of medicine. Interventional Cardiologist George offers patients advice on avoiding heart illnesses. In order to restore you and your heart to full health, George performs angioplasty stenting treatments, valvuloplasty, and other coronary procedures.

About Interventional Cardiology

A subspecialty of cardiology known as interventional cardiology focuses on catheter-based therapies for structural heart problems. Catheters are used in interventional cardiology to diagnose and treat heart conditions.

The catheter is a long, tubular, flexible instrument inserted through blood vessels in the radial artery in the arm, the femoral artery in the groin or neck, and threaded to the heart. It is possible to evaluate the patient's cardiac condition by inserting a catheter. It can be applied to restore a broken heart valve or unclog an artery.

The Cardiologists Melbourne

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (20)

(03) 9112 3960

The Cardiologists are a group of senior cardiac specialists who work independently and are dedicated to serving the community by providing all-inclusive cardiac care and services. Directors of cardiac departments and heads of cardiac specialist units in significant Victorian hospitals, both public and private, are among our cardiologists. In terms of clinical cardiology and research, they have a substantial national and worldwide presence.

Our services

At the Cardiologists, our team of senior cardiologists and cardiac technicians offer a full variety of cardiac tests and procedures utilizing the most up-to-date tools and methods.

These tests and treatments are routinely carried out at no cost to the patient, and they are thoroughly noted and returned right away to the doctor who referred you. As a result, you can receive quality cardiac treatment that is easily accessible and cheap, with effective communication to your referring physician.

Bond Cardiology Melbourne

Top 50 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2023) (21)

03 8579 5309

Bond Cardiology - communication, respect and medical excellence.

The cardiologists at Bond Cardiology, which was founded in 2008, offer exceptional medical care in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of cardiac diseases from their East Ringwood offices and a network of associated public and private hospitals throughout Melbourne's Inner and Eastern suburbs.

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The Bond Cardiology team of Dr. Vicki Pandeli, A/Prof. Andrew Teh, and Dr. Melanie Freeman developed the practice on the principles of a patient-centered approach, high-quality care, and a dedication to outstanding communication.

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